Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Prepare For Blood Sweat & Tears

If you spent the last three days of this new year taking up my challenge to commit to paper your goals for this year congratulations, once you have the goals written down then you are half-way through. This article is just a reality check, just before you set out a plan on how you will achieve your goals you need to realise some facts about success.

The world that we live in is highly competitive world, only those that are exceptionally good will make it the rest will live an average life. Its simple in order to succeed in today's world you will need to be stand out from the rest. Its not going to be smooth sailing or a walk in the park. You will have to work exceptionally hard and be prepared to sacrifice some life comforts to achieve what you want in life. Like they say no pain no gain, the same maxim applies in your quest to success.

Suppose you are looking to loose weight, that will mean making sacrifices in your lifestyle. It would probably mean a change of your diet, giving up some comfort foods adopt a more healthy eating no what how much you are averse to it. You might have to join a gym, wake up early and start jogging, it might mean giving up you sedentary lifestyle to adopt a more active lifestyle. If you have decided to go back to school and gain an extra qualification that will give you the urge in life, you will need to study hard, maybe after work, combine studying with your other responsibilities such as parenting and your community activities. Even if you have chosen to start your own business maybe you will at first work alone in your business putting in extra hours before you can high staff. Whatever you will be doing be prepared to make some sacrifices as success will not come easy. Suppose you have chosen to put down a deposit on a house as your goal for this year, and a quick look at your finances will tell you will need extra income, you have taken on a second job even a third job.

Hard work in itself has never killed anyone, working extra hard to make up for lost time is the only way to move your life from mediocre to above average. The situation in your life should move you, there can be no other motivating circumstance other than the state of your life now. If you are tired of being fat and unattractive then that in itself should motivate you enough to weather the sacrifices you will have to make. If you are broke, again that situation should motivate you enough to put the extra hours in overtime or doing a second job to get you out of the situation. You are paid for what you know, if you do not know much then that will be reflected in the jobs that you will take. If you are not happy about the job you are doing then you will need to get an extra qualification or to change careers altogether and the fact that you do not like your current job will spur you study hard. Your situation should move you, it should provide you with the impetus to move forward.

In conclusion you will need to mentally prepare yourself for the hard you will need to put in before you can achieve success.

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