Tuesday, 10 January 2012

On Money

The society that we live is a capitalist society its a society that has chosen money as a form of exchange for goods and services. Whether you love or hate money you got live with it because there is little that you can do without money, while on the other hand there is plenty of things that you can do with money. Despite people's misgivings about money and the overrated virtuousness of being poor, no one wants to be poor. As a matter of fact if you are poor you cannot help anyone, you actually become a burden to others, while on the other hand if you are rich you can transform lives.

Here are some of the fact are about money that you will agree with : Parents will object to their daughters' marriages unless their future sons-in-laws have jobs with good prospects. Money also influences education too, students acquire knowledge not for its own sake, but because it guarantees a better salary. We need money to live in the homes we live in whether we are renting or paying a mortgage. The food we consume, the energy we use to heat or cool our homes, the fuel we use in our cars, the mode of transport we use to commute socially or for work. The material comforts we enjoy in life need to be paid for, for example you are probably reading this from a laptop or desktop computer even from a smart phone, that had to be paid for. If we enjoy wine after work or a beer that too need to be paid for. If you are planning a holiday, from the transfers to the airport, the flight, the hotel that you will live in right up to the food you will eat will need to be paid for.

Another aspect of money that I want to draw your attention to, is that if you are poor you pay through the nose for most items. As a matter of fact you need to be rich to be poor, it is extremely expensive to be poor. Lets dissect this for a minute, take a pint of milk, if you are poor and cannot do your groceries in out of town shopping centres where grocery items are generally cheaper because you do not have a car then you will opt to buy at the convenience store near you which will turn out to be expensive. The current prices in UK for 4 pints of milk is £1.27 that is if you can drive to the bigger supermarkets which are located out of town instead of popping into the local Londis were the same 4 pints o milk will cost £1.50 a massive difference of £0.23. Taking banking for instance, if you do not have a basic bank account, then you will be charged anything from 5% of the value of your wages cheque that you want to cash together with the handling fee that cheque cashing shops charge. It is a fact that if you are rich banks will actually pay you to put money into their accounts and that people with loads of assets get the lowest interest rates, whereas those with nothing pay exorbitantly for the privilege of borrowing. Put £50 in a savings account at the bank, and they'll take 10% of your assets a month as a maintenance fee. Put £50,000 into that account, and suddenly not only are there no maintenance fees, but you're getting a nice chunk of change as interest every month, along with free cheque facility. Now when you put £500,000 into that bank, and suddenly the bank's increased the interest rate it's paying you.

Now think about time, poor people spend a lot of time waiting for services, for the bus, the trains, Dealing with lenders and banks and credit collectors and banks and bailiffs, unpaid fines and doorstep loan collectors. Some of poor people's time is spent trying to get government assistance. You also have to factor in time spent with a car that breaks down frequently just because the owner is unable to provide proper repairs because of the price and also that they cannot afford a newer model of a car which could save them on repairs. Poor people also spend some of their time travelling to laundromats to wash their clothing in washers and dryers which they cannot afford to own. If you are poor then its given that you pay rent that they cannot afford, but lack the credit to get a mortgage or afford down payments for a house you might call your own one day. Money is funneled out so that you can afford roof over your head, sub-standard food, clean laundry, and the fees and penalties for every loan you take out, however the money coming in never increases. Such that the poor are trapped in a vicious cycle of increasing expenses with a diminishing income.

As poor people can only afford to rent and the fact that the rents are cheaper in poor neighbourhoods which inadvertently dangerous to live in. These neighbourhoods are characterised by poor public transport facilities, limited if not non-existent job opportunities, if they get any jobs they will be offer derisory wages for longer hours and often menial and demeaning jobs.In these neighbourhood people often turn to crime to supplement dwindling incomes. You will find petty criminals here looking to profit in whatever illegal ways they can. Stealing pipes and wires to hock for copper scrap, burglary, sticking people up, dealing drugs, and prostitution are common in extremely impoverished areas. They also often characterised by high teen pregnancy rates. In turn, children learn to imitate what they see in a world around them that of remarkable crime and violence.

The most stressed people in the world are poor people, they are amongst the most worst sufferers of stress. Amongst the things they worry about is making their monthly payment from rent to loans that they have taken, arrears on service charges. The stress brought about by long travel times, longer working hours, inadequate income, denial of government assistance. Its not without its effects which are manifested in poor memory for children that grow up in poor households and blood pressure, ulcers in adults.

One final thing on being poor is because its been studied that a lot of people without money spend a lot of time watching television therefore advertisers target poor people which fuels their spending of non-existent income I think I have covered enough in this article to show you that if you have a choice like you have now choose wealthy over being poor not only because its expensive to be poor but because the world we live in is governed by money. Beside you will be able to change a lot of people live and make a difference in life if you have money. While on the other hand if you are poor you will be a burden to your friends and family that will need to rescue you from time time lend you something for you to get by.

The best and ideal outcome for anyone who read this article is to resolve to make more money than they are now. I will reveal how from tomorrow.

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