Monday, 14 January 2013

A New Year: A Time To Begin Again and A Time To Consolidate

Hello good people, another new year, compliments of the season are in order. It is this time that we sit to reflect the year gone. How did you fare from the pledge we made last year, it would be inspirational to the hear about your progress in the comments. About this time 12 months ago we made a pledge not to settle for mediocre but to challenge ourselves and our circumstances and lift ourselves from those positions we loathe.
 If you are in progress, if you have started and if you have achieved what you set out to do well congratulations.

For those that were incapacitated one way or another, the Gregorian calender offers you a chance to start again. You can shut the door on 2012 and boldly look forward to 2013, cognisant of the fact that there is nothing you can do to bring back the 12 months gone however today offers you another chance to shape your desired future. On the hand you need to be mindful of the effects of serial dropping, that tendency to be always starting you risk the danger of being a serial under achiever. Do not blink, begin today!

For those that have started remain single minded and focused. You will need what I term "Impala Intense". What do I mean  by "Impala Intense"? Well every in the jungles of Africa an Impala is hunted by lions and cheetahs for food, in order to escape certain death the Impala has developed a survival mechanism which we all can borrow from. The Impala employs extreme intense focus, nothing can distract it to be on the look out for predators. The Impala must give 110% to the task at hand or it will be lunch/dinner for a very hungry lion. You can apply "Impala Intensity" to any goal.  You begin by focusing on one goal at a time.  Often, we make a list of goals and try to tackle them all at once.  This divides our attention, resources and resolve which greatly impedes our probability of success.  Instead, pick your highest priority goal, the one that will give you the most bang for your buck, and attack it with all your might.  Get radical on it!  Go to extremes to achieve this ultra-important goal.  Your intense focus on this one thing will lead you to victory. Good afternoon!