Monday, 13 February 2012

Whatever you do tomorrow do not be a sheeple!

The other characteristic that differentiates the unsuccessful who will settle for an average life and the successful people who do not settle for less , is their voluntary acquiesce to a suggestion without critical analysis or research. Tomorrow millions of couples will sit down for a valentines meal, open their valentines present, some will read a poem that shows ho much they love their spouses and partners. But if you are a person who does not accept things at face value, the big question is do you need an artificial date whose origins most people do not even understand to profess your love for a loved one? Why do you have to wait for a day in February to declare your love to significant other, do you need an external stimuli to show how much you love her or him. Even if you wanted to tell your loved one how much you love them does it have to be at a time when the prices of cards, chocolates, jewellery and flowers is inflated such that the clever retailers make the buck off your sheeple mentality? What is wrong with exchanging pleasantries everyday like its valentines? 

 Here are some of the facts about valentines: 
  • The average spend in the Western world is £75 up from £63
  • Men spend twice more than women
  • Tomorrow a dozen long stemmed roses will cost £48 about 30% more than the normal price of £36
  • Pet owners will also buy their pets a valentines gift
  • 15% of Women will send themselves flowers and chocolates
  • Durex the condom manufacturers will get a boost of about 25-30% increase in the sales of latex contraceptives and consequently more pregnancy tests are sold immediately after
  • One billion cards will be sold world-wide making Valentines the second largest holiday in which cards are sent after Christmas
  • Hallmark employs an 80-person research staff to analyze the sales pattern of previous valentines. That analysis, combined with more than 100,000 annual customer interviews, focus groups and in-store observations, will help create roughly 2,000 cards in Hallmark's core Valentine's Day line.
Whatever you do tomorrow do not be a sheeple. On another note this blog will be moving from Blogger, I have decided to purchase a domain name and host this independently of Google. I am just busy getting the new website ready

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